Who, What, Where


Hi! My name is Joe Rhoney. I am a freelance creative worker with a long history of design experience and artistic practice. I have been freelancing since 2004. In addition to freelancing, I often work a full-time or part-time job. If you are interested in hiring me, you may send a message to me via my Contact form (although I may or may not currently be in the job market). You may also view my Résumé and/or visit my social networking profiles:  Twitter Facebook linkedin


I build websites and design corporate images, and/or any combination or selection of the various aspects involved within those. I am a creative department. Here is a list of my Services. You may also find samples of my work in these portfolio pages: Webmaster • Artist • Animator

To zero in on what exactly is my specific niche “PSD to HTML/CSS” in it’s breifest summary. That is, designing a theme (a look and feel, branding image, etc.) for a website using Photoshop®, and turning that PSD (Photoshop file) into a functioning website UI (user interface, the part of the website that you see, as opposed to mechanics behind the scene).


Although I am located in Orange County, California in the USA, I am available online to anyone who speaks english. I have worked with others across the states and over seas. Locals have the added benefitial ability to meet with me in person to coordination purposes and/or have me work on-site in their company office.

I like it here in OC and I heavily doubt I will be moving anytime soon. :j