Stick Stickers Straighter

I think it’s always smart to produce a better presentation if you can afford to put a little extra time into it. Here’s my trick of the trade to applying adhesive labels straight, without the need to hunch over your project with your tongue sticking out only to turn out a wrinkled up crooked application […]

Use Your iPhone to Link to an iPhone App

When using your iPhone to find a web URL for an iPhone app to copy and paste into your blog post, the Apple website redirects you to iPhone’s App Store app. Where do you find the web friendly URL for the app you wish to link to, when you’re on the go?

New Twitter Interface Dimensions

Twitter changed their interface, then they changed it again. So I measured it out and I’m sharing it. + Twitter + LinkedIn (Be Careful)

I just wanted to quickly share an example of why it’s so important to keep track of (or have someone keep track of) how your social media profiles are interconnected. You may have noticed that most websites are social media websites or connected to social media websites to some degree or another (this is the […]

Semantics First

I suppose you’re wondering how a web designer can have such an un-designed website. What is with these default-colored purple and blue links?

For a number of reasons, I recently decided to hit the reset button on my website.


dilemman :(also delemon or de-lemon) Going through a dilemma on what to do with your website and coming to the startling realization the your website is a complete lemon and you need to pretty much scrap it and start over.

Face-lift Time!

At the time of this writing (as you can see), my website is seriously lacking in design quality— especially for a designer. But never fear! This is simply because I just transferred my hosting to iPage and decided it’s about time to give my website a face-lift. It has recently come to my attention that […]

CSS 2 HTML 4 Score!

Update: New test results here (by a different source). Just last week I was provided the opportunity to take an online test of my CSS and HTML skills by SHL Previsor (currently transitioning into just SHL) thanks to Tek Systems. My overall score in CSS 2.0 was Proficient. My score in HTML 4.0 was Advanced […]

Non-Profit Makeover

Citizens Commission on Human Rights® is a group that is not only making a positive impact on society with their informative and inexhaustible data on the abuses of psychiatry, theyre on fire! This beast of an organization, many chapters strong and spanning the globe, is making an unprecedented movement in the securing of human rights […]

WordPress Vs Drupal

WordPress and Drupal are both good web applications. They’re growing in popularity every day and continually worked on for further improvements. WordPress, although it can be manipulated into something entirely different, is primarily made for blogging. As a freelancer, I like it because it’s easy for my clients to grasp when I issue them an […]