Blocking Spambots

Blocking spambots

How to filter out spam submitted through website forms┬áby spambots Probably the most commonly known method of blocking spambots is with a CAPTCHA. You know those annoying form fields with a picture of random letters and numbers that you have to try to read and retype? Yeah those. Those are CAPTCHAs. Well, robots can’t fill […]

Craigslist Slideshow

Craigslist Slideshow

Yep! This is the only way to do it on Craigslist. If you haven’t heard of the animated .GIF, read this.

Use Your iPhone to Link to an iPhone App

When using your iPhone to find a web URL for an iPhone app to copy and paste into your blog post, the Apple website redirects you to iPhone’s App Store app. Where do you find the web friendly URL for the app you wish to link to, when you’re on the go?