Text Art Punk

Can you read this text art Punk?! , ^/,|, __// `| /`/|__ _| _,~ ^` ‘ .,/ ~ < _; __ .-=,) < ; (( -a( /_ : r# ,_ /_`, (O)M _| |' `WM, '( ,-=|_ "#"*WW } ^~-~-.|_ ( ,~^v-.__ `^^~~=

I’m a High Scoring UI Coder!

See how I rank in CSS2 and HTML4. I just took these tests in February.

CSS 2 HTML 4 Score!

Update: New test results here (by a different source). Just last week I was provided the opportunity to take an online test of my CSS and HTML skills by SHL Previsor (currently transitioning into just SHL) thanks to Tek Systems. My overall score in CSS 2.0 was Proficient. My score in HTML 4.0 was Advanced […]

Non-Profit Makeover

Citizens Commission on Human Rights® is a group that is not only making a positive impact on society with their informative and inexhaustible data on the abuses of psychiatry, theyre on fire! This beast of an organization, many chapters strong and spanning the globe, is making an unprecedented movement in the securing of human rights […]