Twitter Template PSD 2013

A Photoshop Twitter Template for Professionals It’s Here! The Photoshop file to match Twitters user interface for 2013!¬†Use this template to create a professional mockup of your own or your client’s Twitter profile. Included measurements indicate how much space you have to work with on device screens of various widths. Well organized layers, allow you […]

Twitter Template PSD 2012 with Pixel-Perfect Accuracy

Twitter did it again. Download my latest Photoshop Twitter template for 2012. Don’t worry, I’m not charging anything for it.


Having recently decided to make blogging a regular part of my weekly routine, I’ve been brainstorming all kinds of great things to blog about. Unfortunately, in my busy-bill-paying-parent-life, I have had hardly any time at all for it. I’m always on the go (many of you can probably relate). So I started experimenting with a […]

Use Your iPhone to Link to an iPhone App

When using your iPhone to find a web URL for an iPhone app to copy and paste into your blog post, the Apple website redirects you to iPhone’s App Store app. Where do you find the web friendly URL for the app you wish to link to, when you’re on the go?

New Twitter Interface Dimensions

Twitter changed their interface, then they changed it again. So I measured it out and I’m sharing it. + Twitter + LinkedIn (Be Careful)

I just wanted to quickly share an example of why it’s so important to keep track of (or have someone keep track of) how your social media profiles are interconnected. You may have noticed that most websites are social media websites or connected to social media websites to some degree or another (this is the […]