How to Post Facebook Page Updates to Twitter

How to Post Facebook Page Updates to TwitterI’ve gotten frustrated over this Facebook-to-Twitter connection matter several times, only to find the answer is really simple. So I’m now fed up with loosing time over it because I don’t do it enough to remember, and I’m really posting this for my own reference.

All you have to do to post Facebook page updates to Twitter is go to (assuming you’re already logged into the Facebook page and Twitter accounts you want to link) and click the Link to Twitter button… That’s it! Simple huh?

You can search through Facebook apps, search through your settings for your page or personal account, you won’t find it. You can search Google for the answer and you’ll probably eventually find a post like this one after reading through pointless forums from back when it didn’t work temporarily, ad infested posts about all the alternative apps you can use instead and other relatively useless content for half an hour. Facebook just didn’t make it very obvious. Go figure.