WordPress Website Deals

The Social Packages

Interact with your audience using WordPress. Get involved with them using the worlds most popular web application. WordPress is great for search engine rankings, ideal for blogging and integrates seamlessly with social media. Get feedback from your followers and clients commenting on your blog posts and reply back to answer their questions or leave an enticing mystery sandwich. Followers can subscribe to your blog feed or even your comments feed (this is great for those who want to stay involved, but can’t afford the time to visit your website regularly).

Easy Editing

WordPress is a highly customizable and intuitive platform, with easy-to-learn editing features. Find the “Edit Page” button right on the page you want to edit (only you see it when you’re logged in). Format your pages and blog posts much like you would in Microsoft Word—bold, italic, underline, left/right/center alignment, header styles*, undo/redo, links and more. Drag-&-drop pictures from your computer into the media uploader and add them to your page content. Add links to you photos, captions or even create a mini gallery.

Free WordPress App

Manage your custom WordPress website with the free WordPress app available in Apple’s App Store. Write/edit posts and pages, add pictures, reply to comments, preview, save drafts or publish on the go (also available for Droid and Windows Mobile).

Need a Special Feature?

*For best results, header styles are predetermined, so all you have to do is select the one you want. Styles will display properly on the website and in Preview mode, and by default, not in Edit mode.

3 Levels of WordPress Website Deals

Self manage
Realtime editing
Shop cart
Host setup
Cust Design
Drop menu
SEO basics
Soc integrat
Google map
Content type
Image gallery
Mobile opt
Chat support