(Search Engine Optimization)

Why SEO works

The website visitors that find you through Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines are some of the most direct traffic a business or organization will get online. Those are the people who are out searching for exactly what you or your company do. There was no need to mesmerize them with a flashy ad—they were already looking for you. They didn’t have to bypass very many competitor ads or ignore a bunch of social media interaction prompts and they just landed right in your website!

How SEO can fail

So you have traffic going to you’re website from the effective SEO work done on it. Now what?

Is your website ready to impress and sell your visitors on what you’re offering and close them, or does it make you or your company look like you haven’t looked at your own website in five years?

Although SEO does a great job of driving internet traffic in, a website that doesn’t do its job of selling visitors on the services or products will lose the whole deal, making SEO a wasted effort. Yet many treat it as an end-all marketing strategy for online. A priority that is equally as high (if not higher) is to have a website that really sells the business or service. At the same time however, getting leads and sales from the Internet is still a numbers game and SEO is one of the most effective ways of bringing in the online users in high volume.

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