Possibly my biggest passion is bringing art and design to life with motion. To me, using the right type of motion for the right purpose is vital. A fluid, easing movement would be ideal for an organic effect, whereas rigid, linear movements should be reserved for robotic or systematic effects. Animation speeds and changes in acceleration/deceleration also play a vital role in how an animated piece feels. In advertising and UI design where movement is an available component of a presentation, these basic variables of that motion can potentially portray the intended attitude, emotions, personality, etc. of the piece more effectively than any other visual aspect.

Here are a animated works of mine.

Skipping girl animation cells

This was originally a flipbook I made. I scanned all of the pages into Photoshop, where I added color and fabricated the background, a combination of digital montage, brush strokes, glow effects and transforms.

Glitchy Text

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