Some Questions & Answers About Myself

These question came from an application I filled out online for a web design position at a game development company.

Q: What was the coolest thing you ever built? What was it and what made it cool?

A: It’s probably a toss between and They’re both responsive web layouts. When viewing them, try changing your web browser window from fullscreen to smartphone size. The whole layout adjusts with CSS.

Q: Where can we go to see a representative sample of your code (a site, github, etc) Note: For each portfolio piece, please briefly describe what your own, specific contribution was, in the case where the site/app was built by a team (not just you individually).

A: [Listed my portfolio items from my websites page.]

Q: What are some gnarly bugs you’ve had to deal with? How did you fix them?

A: At Phase I, I had to build a custom multi-page PHP signup form. They encouraged me to learn PHP quickly and go for it. I got pretty far, but they needed it done faster, so they had me outsource help.

Q: What do you do to stay up to date in the field? What are a few cool things you have learned recently?

A: I just learned about humans.txt last night. Others recently include Concrete5, PrestaShop, more about HTML5 boilerplate. I usually study these things on my own time, but I often learn about them in my work day too. I usually look these things up on Google

Q: What do you do to stay up to date in the field? What are a few cool things you have learned recently?

A: 🙂 Ok, more on that, sure! (You have the same question on your form twice). I learned about responsive web design earlier this year and decided I will probably make it my niche. I’ve picked up things such as jQuery and simple PHP snippets as needed.

Q: What cool side projects are you involved in?

A: My own website is a side project. I get little time to work on it, but I hope to make it a better representation of all the things I’m capable of sometime soon. I’m also working on right now (just helping). I have some ideas to build too.

Q: What are your favorite games? How far have you progressed in them?

A: I used to be a game fanatic, but now my life is too busy. I still love playing them though.

Q: What are some things that could be improved about a game you’ve played recently?

A: I know this isn’t recent, but I once mapped out a game-play concept based on Tomb Raider II. Part of it included an “Aim” gage that could be improved the more you play, resulting in a higher chance of hitting targets.

Q: What are some of favorite/coolest websites, from a design or web-tech perspective? What specifically do you like about them?

A: I like stuff like this because it loads fast and doesn’t use Flash:

Q: Sign up for Family Guy Online. Try out various features (of the site, not the game itself), and view source on some pages. Tell us a few things you would improve about that site, based on what you see.

A: I would make it responsive. The layout doesn’t adjust to the browser window dimensions (except the background image). Perhaps there is already a mobile version, but at face value, this is what I would do.

Q: What’s your career path? Assuming you had to choose just one, would you rather be well-respected as a Designer or as an Engineer?

A: More of a designer, since I have more background in that area. I great with vision appeal. Technical/coding skills take me longer to grasp.

Q: Who referred you to this position?

A: Craigslist