Website services

For most businesses, a website is the most vital component to an online presence. Without a website, your internet presence lacks the central focal point that is often critical for converting any traffic that comes your way into actual leads or revenue. A Facebook page or Etsy profile, for instance, is bombarded with competitor ads, suggestions of other related products/services and many other distractions, which ultimately tend to pull your prospective traffic away from your sales efforts. These social venues do have merit though. They can be utilized to obtain some traffic through interactivity and paid ads. But, the sooner you manage to redirect that traffic away from such venues and over to your distraction-free website, the greater the odds of maintaining control of your prospects and guiding them into closed deals.

But do YOU need a website?

The short answer is; it couldn’t hurt, and it could boom your business. If you’re managing to run a successful business without a website, you’re still missing out on a lot of exposure and revenue. We live in an age when having a business without a website as effective as running a cell phone retail shop out of a residential home with no signs down the street to point the way.

Will it be worth the expense?

An effective, professional website, such as those built by Joe Rhoney Creative Studio, pays for itself over time. How soon a website will pay itself off depends firstly upon the volume of traffic being driven to it. A website must be marketed in order for people to find it.

Marketing your website and your business

We offer marketing services, as well as free tips on marketing activities you can practice yourself. Some of the services we offer include:

  • SEO
  • Google+ Local
  • Social media setup & integration
  • Marketing consultation
  • Email marketing setup & integration

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