Here are some websites I have created or contributed to.

Note: Stock images have been blurred for copyright reasons.

County Websites

Working at RD Technology Solutions, I contributed to the development of many websites for the County of Los Angeles such as these. Some of my responsibilties included:

  • Responsive web layout
  • Content formatting and styling
  • Accessibility compliance
  • Page element selection and creation

Various Websites

These are a handful of the many WordPress websites I have worked on for various clients of mine (or their clients in some cases). Some of these I built entirely myself, while others I am primarily responsible for the front-end.

Dental Websites

These are websites I built working at Gilleard Marketing.

Custom Plugins

Plugins can be easily added to a WordPress website to give it special functionality. WordPress allows website administrators to download free plugins directly from its online repository. These plugins were voluntarily made by developers in the online community. When done so through WordPress' repository in this way, updates for these plugins become very easy and can even be made automatic.

AddFunc is my alter ego

I am the founder of AddFunc and have created the entire line of AddFunc plugins. The following slides present the plugins I have completed and published in the WordPress repository. More plugins to come. :j

AddFunc Slides

AddFunc Slides

An intuitively manageable Slide content type with shortcode & widget interfaces for easy slideshow insertion. Includes standard slideshow options, while still providing fully CSS-styleable output. And you are experiencing it right now. ;j

AddFunc Adaptive Content

AddFunc Adaptive Content

Adds functions and shortcodes to empower WordPress users to have better control of when content is served.

AddFunc Mobile Detect

AddFunc Mobile Detect

Uses Mobile_Detect.php to redirect mobile traffic to your mobile website.

  • Redirects on a page-by-page basis (posts and custom post types included). For example; will redirect mobile devices to instead of always redirecting to your mobile home page.
  • This can be overridden on any page individually with a convenient meta box adjacent to the WYSIWYG (usually underneath, by default).
  • Sets a cookie to remember which version of your website (desktop or mobile, usually) your visitors opted for (so it’s okay to set a link on your mobile site to view the desktop version).
  • Provides options to NOT redirect basic parts of WordPress: the Front page (static), Pages, the “Home” page (blog posts page), Posts, Attachments, Authors, Categories, Dates, Tags and search results.
  • Includes a widget for inserting a link back to your mobile site, which is only generated for mobile devices.
  • Includes two shortcodes for generating links to your mobile site. One is generated only for mobile devices and the other is generated regardless.
  • No CSS rules are used and classes are provided, yielding coders full reign to style generated links to fit the website theme. Shortcodes even allow you to set the link’s classes.
  • Adds a class to the   (mobile-detected) to help coders write styles specifically for mobile devices.
  • Leaves 404 errors untouched, allowing you to maintain 404 statuses.

Basically, it gives you loads of control over your mobile redirects.

AddFunc WYSIWYG Helper

AddFunc WYSIWYG Helpler

AddFunc WYSIWYG Helper is a lightweight plugin that uses CSS to highlight prominent HTML elements in the default WYSIWYG editor (Tiny MCE), to help Editors see what they’re editing. This in effect creates a sort of combination WYSIWYG/WYSIWYM (What You See Is What You Mean) combination.

AddFunc IDs

AddFunc IDs

Adds two convenient buttons to easily add/remove an id attribute to any element when editor a Post, Page or custom post type that uses a standard TinyMCE editor. Uses the text contained within the element, cleaned up, to formulate a URL-friendly id.


This is a diagram I created for a headache specialist, to illustrate sites of referred pain.


Since 2004, before I knew what I was doing, I had been creating Scalable Vector Graphics for screenprint production at Pacifica T-shirts. I've been using Adobe Illustrator® ever since. 10 years later I began to learn the SVG language and how to convert Illustrator creations into SVGs. So while Illustrator is my starting point, I usually apply modications and final touches to SVGs with my text editor.

Here are some examples of such work.


I have been sketching and illustrating my whole life. As a teenager, nearly all of my free time was spent drawing new characters and creatures from my imagination. This is a great passion of mine.

Here are some recent illustrations I have done on my own time and for various projects.

This was originally a flipbook I made. I scanned all of the pages into Photoshop, where I added color and fabricated the background, a combination of digital montage, brush strokes, glow effects and transforms.

Jewelcase & disc art for a training program supplement.
Diagram showing the progressive change in complexion resulting from tooth loss.


Photoshop allow graphic artists to outline a person, an object, text (anything really), and remove the surrounding background.

Here are some images I've masked, which in particular required special care to preserve the realism of the photograph without any of the original background.

Original photo Masked photo
Original photo Masked photo
Original photo Masked photo


A PSD (Photoshop file) has been the industry standard format for a website mockup for years (though now there are many others as well). HTML is the base web language used to display a website. PSD to HTML is the process administered by a web developer of converting a Photoshop file into a functional HTML page, which can service a template for a website.

Here are some PSD mockups I have converted into websites.


  • Slight modifications were determined mid the development process.
  • Some images have been blurred out here to avoid royality violations.


Website mockup


Website screenshot


Photoshop mockup of a website


Screenshot of a website themed after the Photoshop mockup

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