Blocking Spambots

Blocking spambots

How to filter out spam submitted through website forms by spambots Probably the most commonly known method of blocking spambots is with a CAPTCHA. You know those annoying form fields with a picture of random letters and numbers that you have to try to read and retype? Yeah those. Those are CAPTCHAs. Well, robots can’t fill […]

Twitter Template PSD 2013

A Photoshop Twitter Template for Professionals It’s Here! The Photoshop file to match Twitters user interface for 2013! Use this template to create a professional mockup of your own or your client’s Twitter profile. Included measurements indicate how much space you have to work with on device screens of various widths. Well organized layers, allow you […]

How to Post Facebook Page Updates to Twitter

I’ve gotten frustrated over this Facebook-to-Twitter connection matter several times, only to find the answer is really simple. So I’m now fed up with loosing time over it because I don’t do it enough to remember, and I’m really posting this for my own reference. All you have to do to post Facebook page updates to […]

Some Questions & Answers About Myself

I just filled out an application for a job online. I thought the questions were interesting enough that I should share my answers here.

Text Art Punk

Can you read this text art Punk?! , ^/,|, __// `| /`/|__ _| _,~ ^` ‘ .,/ ~ < _; __ .-=,) < ; (( -a( /_ : r# ,_ /_`, (O)M _| |' `WM, '( ,-=|_ "#"*WW } ^~-~-.|_ ( ,~^v-.__ `^^~~=

Twitter Template PSD 2012 with Pixel-Perfect Accuracy

Twitter did it again. Download my latest Photoshop Twitter template for 2012. Don’t worry, I’m not charging anything for it.

Craigslist Slideshow

Craigslist Slideshow

Yep! This is the only way to do it on Craigslist. If you haven’t heard of the animated .GIF, read this.

Little Color, Big Improvement

Why I broke down and edited the design of my website, before finishing proper semantics.

I’m a High Scoring UI Coder!

See how I rank in CSS2 and HTML4. I just took these tests in February.


Having recently decided to make blogging a regular part of my weekly routine, I’ve been brainstorming all kinds of great things to blog about. Unfortunately, in my busy-bill-paying-parent-life, I have had hardly any time at all for it. I’m always on the go (many of you can probably relate). So I started experimenting with a […]