Blocking Spambots

Blocking spambots

How to filter out spam submitted through website forms by spambots Probably the most commonly known method of blocking spambots is with a CAPTCHA. You know those annoying form fields with a picture of random letters and numbers that you have to try to read and retype? Yeah those. Those are CAPTCHAs. Well, robots can’t fill […]

  • January 13th 2014

Twitter Template PSD 2013

A Photoshop Twitter Template for Professionals It’s Here! The Photoshop file to match Twitters user interface for 2013! Use this template to create a professional mockup of your own or your client’s Twitter profile. Included measurements indicate how much space you have to work with on device screens of various widths. Well organized layers, allow you […]

  • October 23rd 2013

Craigslist Slideshow

Craigslist Slideshow

Yep! This is the only way to do it on Craigslist. If you haven’t heard of the animated .GIF, read this.

  • August 6th 2012

Some Common Web Coding Errors

Although it may be impossible to know all of the errors that can be made in web coding, knowing this hand-full of common mistakes can significantly decrease the amount of trouble budding web developers run into. Syntax syn·tax (sin′taks′) noun the structure of statements in a computer language the rules governing this structure Example: […]

  • August 15th 2009

Knowing Your Pixels

When frequently working in a program like Photoshop® or Gimp® for web design purposes, you’ll soon find yourself becoming familiar with the distance 600px (pixels) reaches in width or height (as compared to your own computer monitor anyway). This becomes helpful in at least two ways. Guestimating element sizes. When you want to determine a […]

  • March 26th 2009