Illustration of a team of charicters


I ♥ to Draw!

Let me show you some of the artwork I've done! The collection on this page includes art I've done professionally as well as some art I created on my own time.


I love bringing my illustrations to life. This was originally a flipbook I made. I scanned all of the pages into Photoshop, where I added color and fabricated the background, a combination of digital montage, brush strokes, glow effects and transforms.

Animated loop of a girl skipping through a big city.
Individual frames of the animated character

Character/­Creature Creation

I spent many hours of my teenage years coming up with wild character ideas and creature concepts. That practice ultimately developed into a successful illustration service as a freelancer. Here is some of the work I completed for various client projects.

Let's Talk Art!

I have been practicing my whole life. I wrote a page on that, but I'm interested in connecting. So please send me a message below.

Hire me! 😄

I am currently available for hire! Not for long though, so act fast if you want me on your team! 🙌

Contract me! 👍

I am also open for service as a freelance web developer. Send me your project ideas and I'll help you hash out the web solutions you need. 💡

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